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Enjoy the drink & relax

Discover our instant drinks with over 30 different flavours for all different kind of taste.

Most of them are sugar free and all are easy to prepare.

Just mix one sachet with 1,5 - 2 litres of water.

        Our range of effervescent tablets consists

         of 12 vitamin and mineral combinations.

        They offer advantages for specific needs.

        They all do care about our health!


16 refreshing flavours (sugar-free)

6 refreshing flavours (sugar-free)

6 refreshing flavours (sugar-free)

8 refreshing flavours (for 2 l)

coffee with milk powder (1 cup)

coffee with milk powder & sugar (1 cup)

Boost Big tube (20 tablets)

Boost & go tube (10 tablets)

12 mineral & vitamin combinations (20 tablets tube)

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